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Warm bath and moving beyond the material world

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Lukewarm water, magnesium bath flakes, couple drops of peppermint oil and coconut milk powder soap.

After a long day of creating, writing, and collaboration, about sunset I like to enjoy myself in the bathtub. Completely disconnected from the outside material world, bringing focus on the wave of my energy, as the water gently soaks my body. I appreciate and thank every part of my figure and nurture it to stay healthy and youthful as much as possible. These moments, there is no time, it's feels infinite. Just simply moving beyond the limitations and experiencing wholeness is really transforming.

This type of relaxation I utilize 2 to 3 times a week. I do enjoy lavender oil as well, so I like to change it up as the fragrance just sets the mood. Picturing myself living by a water in the near future, bathtub facing window and a view of nature outside (let's see where that takes off).

The ocean, the sea, the lakes, rivers ; water flowing is healing to me. It holds these beautiful memories and it resets my mind. When I meditate in water, it bring this mental clarify and my creativity expands even further.

Studies show, water has been used as a healing element since ancient times. It's here to purify, bring us back in balance, protect, regenerate the body on a cellular level with its power.

So why not dive deep into that river and let it wash away the worries that linger around.

Much love,


Journal 015

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