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Ending the year with an open invitation

this, that with memories of 2023

As many of those who know me, I believe we are way further into years than just two thousands. 123123 is how I look it at. In today's final reflection of 2023, I want to remark some important moments and experiences that have changed my life in beautiful ways.

  • Accomplishment I am very proud of: performing my poetry Creating a New Self in public and embodying the listeners feedback

  • New local restaurant I have tried: Thai E-San, very delicious, casual and home feel atmosphere, with arts from Thailand's culture

  • Favorite book reading: Breathe, written by Rickson Gracie, a story of very moving and expression of living life in a flow. The author presents an indispensable inspiration of martial arts and the discipline of the mind.

  • Daily wellness alchemy and habits: morning meditation, movement, journaling and Cymbiotika's supplement that are created with intention.

  • Most made beverage at home: ceremonial matcha, from Cymbiotika

  • Museums visited in 2023: The Arts District Museum in Houston, Texas and Music Instrument Museum in Scottsdale, AZ

  • Remarkable hotel stay : Hotel Zaza in Houston, Texas, where arts meets boutique style and captivating unique rooms and dinning.

  • Biggest intake from 2023: always believing in my vision, no matter what life throws at me.

  • Biggest desire for 2024: Find land and start building my home.

Okay, so this journal kept not saving my writing for coupe of days and every time I went back to draft it, things would just disappear. But I didn't not give up on it as technical difficulties are inevitable. So here it's finally ready to post with few days later!

Dear readers, may you have a marvelous year ahead and trust the process and the journey you are on. With the right intentions, discipline and actions, you will be surprised what you can make happen for yourself. Being able to re-write my story is something I am fully in this lifetime and open in receiving memorable new experiences.

Blissings and yours truly,


Journal 030

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