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The power of staying calm

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

How do you stay so calm, when everything seems to storm around?

When I think of such relaxing moments, for me is grabbing a book, bare feet in the sand, nakedness and ocean breeze air through my hair. However in the modern world, it looks different...

As we all trying to understand what is going on in the world today, we must remember to stay calm and perceptive. Many of us are already seeking everything to master inner peace, want to have healthy lifestyle, and it's a wonderful feeling seeing the affects of working on myself. Getting bombarder with all kinds of disruptive messages from the outside, and being able to choose what serves well your mind and body, is a great starting point.

I have many individuals that come and say how they love collaborating with me or they feel a sense of light in my presence. Thank you :-)! After some time of turbulence in my life, as stepped into my 30's, I made strong commitment to learn practices for calmness when things are in a flux and confusion. Finding inner courage and feeling what it taste like to relax has brought profound transformation in my life. Started with basics; morning breathing techniques, daily gratitude meditations, occasional Yoga to center myself, journal to inner-stand myself, painting to untangle the emotions, crying to let go, dance to feel flow, sleep to reset, nutrition for energy, travel for inspiration and leaning different cultures, hiking for resistance, connecting with supportive humans... and the list goes on. All of these pieces started creating new space (energy) for my inner and outside world. It minimized the conflict and confusion within myself tremendously.

Every day I do things that bring me joy, inner wisdom and creativity. My consistency in having the strength in adoption to change, in my creative fire, in my dancing, connecting with nature and other souls with wanting changes; this is where I am deftness.

Accepting that I carry both positive and negative traits, I started to understand that the battle I was fighting within myself was not doing me a favor. Once I mastered to stop battling my mind for not doing this or that, I started to see more compassion, understanding and love for myself and others. Learning to grow from the storms, and just by letting new energy come in and take the present moment as is, I opened myself to endless possibilities.

The fear, doubt, confusion, anger... arise as healing journey continues; this is all part of the process. Being aware what's triggering the emotion that comes to surface, and giving it baby love baby love with positive thoughts, you are letting the body whisper those love messages to the root; letting the inner callings arise and do what feels connect with self.

Turning inwards has been and will continuously be my treasured wilding discovery!

Much love and let your body write you a love letter.


Journal 017

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