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Take yourself dancing

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Let yourself breathe, let yourself feel, let yourself love and hold the heart you have.

When I devoted myself to publishing my poetry Creating a New Self, dancing was little on hold. It amazes me to see how my body responds to me when I don't dance for some time. I start getting these yearning to master the dance floor in my living room. My hips or my knees start aching if I sit too long in a chair. The dance floor is calling.

Dancing has been part of my life since very young age. During the healing journey, my body constantly wanted to move with music, just any free form, not following any rules. My body also started singing and dancing without music as I rise. Very interestingly my body was talking to me as I became aware "that this is going to be a beautiful journey if I continue to devote my energy into this creativity".

I danced folk music professionally, called folklor. Very disciplined, choreographic performance of art, with about 8-10 dancers. This was before my 20ish. During my 20ish years I was mainly salsa dancing on the weekends, and techno festival music dancing..

Once I hit my 30ish, passed my bronze lever at Fred Astaier for Ballroom dancing, however didn't feel like pursuing it any further. In 2020, I discovered dance practices, freedom form movement; dancing completely as to how the body wants to dance, without limitations or any kind of choreographic steps or follows, just free feel of self. This was a Universal guidance for me to devote myself and embody the practice every day, even if it's for 10minutes of the day, no matter how I felt, I got this! The discovery emerged for me to take this part of calling and gain mastery in it. To be able to completely flow in a natural state of being.

Changes started happening, whether I was noticing in different times, stagnation within my body, emotional breakdowns, pauses, laughter, joy and simple peace in my heart. I felt all of my energy centers (Chakras) started aligning slowly. Most pain/blockages I felt were in my Root Chakra and Heart Chakra. Wheels were spinning inside of me, that's when I knew whatever I was doing was working to help me heal whatever trauma emotion was stock in my body. Each session my intention was to heal my body through any movement that comes up.

Recently I have been noticing my Throat Chakra is giving me wheel spin during certain rotation movements with my arms. This radiation of feelings my body is showing me it's incredible what I am capable of, to discover a healing practice through dance movements, a way to tune into my energy centers and listen the information provided: "You got this, keep doing what you are doing". Now, I am starting to practice in a private dance studio and looking to expand my experience through professional performances.

Arielle Star Triana, talks about in her book called Heal Through Dance, how she uses somatic movement as healing practice, because she believes the body hold stories, our cells hold memories, and thru somatic movement it allows the body to release the old and create space for some new experiences. Amazing reading you must have on your shelf!

Dear readers, just simply into putting a daily practice of something you passionately love will bring you that moment of joy. Finding that inner space in our hearts that we are all deserving of abundance in all areas in our lives. That we are capable of being good to self; as it all starts from there in order to make a change. I bow you and honor you.



Journal 025

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