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Conversation with Leroy Booker, inpiring musical artist

Updated: Jul 11

Hello my dear Leroy,

musical artist
Leroy Booker

It's been few years since we last encountered in person. I remember the rainy day in Chicago, September 2022, when you worked downtown as a bartender. Pouring outside, got myself super soaked from walking around in the rain, for a quick moment, spontaneously I stopped at the bar where you served me an Old Fashioned. Our conversation sparked, and both recognized the compassionate artistic side of one another. I even forgot to pay my tab…

It’s an honor getting to know you for few years now and continuing our connection to this day. Recently, we collaborated on one of your song releases Hills in Phoenix. I appreciate you for giving me an opportunity to hike the hills and create a little video content for the song. I can’t express enough, that you will fall in love as soon as you step foot in Arizona and see the beauty of the desert. My biggest projection is to see you perform live on stage here. It’s about time to organize something...

On another note, as I have listened to your songs for a couple of years now, your latest drop Jack and Jill is one of a kind and unique. You bring out the vintage and angelic voice, yet mysterious scene. This brings me finally to get this interview questions out to you and ask you some profound questions about your music, production, and the creative space you are in. Of course, and few personal questions just out of my own curiosity. You may leave blank any question you don’t feel answering. No pressure! I want this to be a supernatural and organic conversation, just like journaling.


Leroy B. : Appreciate you taking time to ask such questions, and allowing me a space on your platform. Continue to inspire Dragana, your gift is needed more than you are willing to realize.

1. If you could have the power to go back at the time when you were a teenager, what is one thing you would tell yourself?

LB: I don't know if I would tell my teenage self anything. Life is suppose to be experienced. I feel maybe I would've possibly not allowed myself to experience life in the ways I have had. Those experiences I might have avoided were the ones that gave me the biggest lessons.  Which in turn would be a massive hindrance cause I wouldn't have grown into the person I am today. I still am learning, I'm still growing so I don't know how helpful of advice or tips I would be offering . If I had to however, I think I'd say enjoy the unknown a bit more, and to not be so afraid of it.

 2. You were born and raised in Kenosha, WI. Not many artist are from there, nor many people know where that is. Tell me little bit about your growing up and how did the relationship for music initiated?

LB: Haha, Fair. Kenosha is this city/town in-between Milwaukee and Chicago. A place filled with insane talent from athletics to acting to music, clothing designers and painters all the way to  handyman/woman. All those different personalities and traits have held up this city in ways I could never describe with words. It's made it a safe haven in someways and a breeding ground for change in others. Being next to Lake Michigan , a gigantic body of water, made the world of Kenosha a bit more special. There's something about it, it was kind of my safe space in high school and middle school. It's where we hang out even now in my 20's . It's no Chicago in city-size but the creative scene and who come out of it might surprise you from The Walter's, to Mark Ruffalo, to Tristan Jass and more there's some people who have really made something of themselves here and it's cool cause they show it's possible. 

Music was the thing that kept me out of the streets and out of trouble really. It's how me and my father bonded and even now my first taste of music being heavy in my life throws me to a memory of riding with my Dad by the lake blasting JayZ , Biggie, 2pac, Sugarhill Gang, Babyface and Boyz II Men to name a few . Another memory, riding with my aunt in a firebird convertible with holes in the liner but still the cleanest ride ever blasting the inter-scope collab album with Eminem and them on a hot summer day in the early 2000's. 

And of course when my Mom would pick me up from Lincoln Middle and have Christian music blasting. From watching her playing violin and my father teaching me how to sing and record on Cool Edit Pro. Life has always had music in it and I started to curate my life playlist very early on. Containing genres of rock and pop to Rnb, Hiphop and country. Music taught me how to express and accept my emotions .

3. Do you at times transcend during production in the studio? And how does that look like if you had a paint brush to illustrate?

LB: Always, that's why I think I love it so much. It's the only time I understand what's going on internally maybe it's because I'm the most honest with myself in those moments. 

The best way I can describe it is it's like looking in a mirror, and asking how do you feel today? 

Do I feel like talking about me?

Do I wanna tell a story?

And I go from there. I always let the music tell me where to go. I never try and make the song form into what I think I wanna/should write about I just let the music tell me what to write and hopefully I'm open and honest enough with myself that day to receive the song. If that makes any sense.

4. Which song is on your top #1 you listen to?

LB: A song I made or a song I love right now.

A song I love right now is this song "Nothings Into Signs" By. Casper Sage

A song I wrote as my #1 favorite hmm... Probably this song " Blue Moon"

5. When should we expect a live performance in Phoenix, Arizona?

LB: Whenever Phoenix invites me into its beautiful city.

 6. What would be one wisdom you would like to share with those that are having difficulties finding their true passion?

LB: Let your passion find you. You never find it. But here's a hint, it's there but you're finding it hard to identify it. It's that thing that makes you feel whole that you revert to like a bad habit when life gets crazy. Though unlike a bad habit, your passion will fill you and in turn you can fill those around you. It's that thing that is abundant even when you feel completely in lack. So in turn it makes you more abundant. So again it finds you. Within the valleys and on the highest peaks of life, allow yourself the time to discover that thing and be open to when it discovers you.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------end of conversation

Leroy, thank you for this beautiful conversation and captivating reflection of your lifestory and your music. Continue to inspire and spark your smile wherever you go. I honor your vulnarbility and expression thru the music you are creating, as in many of them I have found pieces of myself.

Much love! See you soon...


Journal 033

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