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Knowing when to roam and when to rest...

How are you really feeling latetly?

What about having barely energy midday, what about scattered mind?

What about body aches?

Perhaps, for me in the last few months that's how I was feeling. However, on the contreroiry, I have mastered to listen to my body language and quickly take actions. The mind: slow down on bread and sugar and more sleep. Day #19 today, no sugar, no gluten flour, and feeling like I can fly to the Starz.

Beggining of the year, I was in process of moving, working full time, being a mother, full time school and in complete exaustion. Failed back into the Matrix, where I had to acomplish all these things, and gave resting my body the middle finger. Of course my body started giving me signals, hey, you! got to slow down, give awarness to the breath and observe. It's okay to just be at home, in solitude, read a book, cook a healthy meal, write, be exotic, bathe in salt water. Simply, come back into this present moment captured and embrace the birds chirping outside.

I would like to share few lifestyle choices that always bring me back in listening to my body more profoundly and overall vital feeling.

Grounding is really what my soul is seeking right now and that's what I am doing. Sunset walks, jogging slowly barefoot, watering my plants, planting some new seeds, visioning my future garden. Since Arizona is picking up it's hot temperatures, I like to drive up north to Flagstaff or fly out to Michigan for few weeks to be around my parents and their blossoming garden. Spending time with my daughter is something I cherish a lot lately, as she definatly keeps me creatively grounded and inspired throughout the day. Watercoloring has been something we both enjoy doing together.

Meditation, chanting, along with guided breathwork. I started practing meditation August 2023, and already seeing the effects of mental clarity and feeling inner peace. Noticing drastic progress within my conscienceness, which allowes me to contemplate in my presence. Meditatios had opened up the doorway to listen to my body closly, tune into the signals and messages that are overshadowd by the noise of daily life.

Movement; act of dancing. This is where flourishment happens for me. I have a creative room where I totally surrender to dancing. I like to press play on different frequency of music and let loose by allowing my body to resonate with the music. Few artist and music that lately inspires me are:

1. Sabrina Claudio, Belong to you, feat 6BLACK

2. ASH latest album dropped Self-Discovery

3. Oliver Shanti and Friends: Circle of Life

Journaling, writing anything that I am feeling at the moment. Wheather is daily gratitude, end of the day reflections, poetry, lyrics, love letter to someone I care about, writing simply helps me express my emotions deeply. Especially expressing compressed or hidden thoughts that are harder for me express in a conversation, writing creates very safe and creative space to be with. This is a time I bask in wholesome reflections and gratitude for the blissings of this life.

"Writing is the paiting of the voice." - Voltaire (Webber, 2023).

Our body grows and breathes freerly when we don't hold back so tightly in our thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Understanding the vital forces of our being (phyche), and to even adjust to life practices that are in order to evolve as a human being, we have to be devoted to changes that lead to that.

Much love and blissings my dear readers. May peace finds your Home.


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