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Emotional pain and the importance of moving through

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Summer 2016.

Besides physical pain, as gaining more awareness, started recognizing emotional pain and how it was playing the role in my daily living. The emotional disconnection I had with myself, feeling numb and always seeking escape. Reached a point where it was time to re-call my inner wisdom and re-align with my own self.

Early summer 2021.

I cried for 12 days straight. Just tearing every day, everything seemed to make me cry. Didn't question it, didn't need to explain, and just let the days unfold as they came. During this time I wrote a lot of poetry, lyrics, painting, spent time in nature and played with my daughter.

Understanding where the emotional bondage was coming from or where the pain is trapped in the body, was a new language for me. I was raised Orthodox, so not much I was taught about energies and spiritual energetic strength we all hold. However, I always believed in the power of manifesting anything, just didn't question it. This experience was building me stronger then ever, in a sense, that's is okay to cry; to release and then to stand back up. This shall pass, as my transformational coach would say. Simply not everything needs an explanation.

Now days, if I cry in front of others there is no shame. Most of the time if I tear up is because of having a compassionate heart. I care to share the memories with those I trust and many times hearing different perspective, from a different eye point, has helped me move through the emotional pain. I felt liberated every time a breakthrough arised. Now days, I feel ahead of time when something drastically is going to shift, how it falls off my shoulder and feeling free from detachments of the emotional pain.

I was scanning my life back and forth, patiently. What once served me, I understood that no longer was in vibration with me. Understanding the things I was caring were generational; it was time to lift the the veil of fear, break some cords and live up to my potential. I daily eliminate the nonsense, and simply can't tolerate things that are not congruent.

These daily baby steps brought me to alignment and harmony. Trusting myself enough, I knew if I do this, will also inspire others in healing their emotional pain, let things pass by and allow new energy to come in.

Much love dear readers.

What is something that isn't in alignment in your current life? How are you doing the work?


Journal 006

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