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My first magazine interview

VoyagePhoenix Magazine, Arizona

November 2021, I was contacted via email from the editorial team at VoyagePhoenix Magazine. They were interested in interviewing and hearing my story for their Inspiring Stories series. This was very exciting, new for me, also uncomfortable, however it was giving me an insight that people are actually finding interest in my writing through social media. So no chickening out! Now is the time to shine, I was telling myself.

VoyagePhoenix Magazine model is so inspiring; they interview local entrepreneurs, creatives and community leaders and publish their interview series on the website. Anyone that is looking for local artist or inspiration definitely it's the place to stop

Once I completed the questionnaire, after couple of weeks my article was approved and published. I truly appreciate this experience and the opportunities I am getting from this exposure is very unique and connecting with likeminded individuals.

Here is link to read further into my interview:

If you someone interested in telling your inspiring story, reach out to me and I'll be glad to give your referral to VoyagePhoenix Magazine.

My dream is to be interviewed for Maxim Cover Girl magazine... so I am staying optimistic.

Much love and be cool,


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