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It is not my place to cast judgment on others...

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Karma is a b*tch.

This photo was taken about 8 or 9 years ago; somewhere in Thessaloniki, Greece, Agean sea.

As staying committed to myself, that I'll have to face the truth during my healing journey, I recognized how I have taken some things for granted...

Last year about this time of the year, I have had someone dear to my heart tell me "I have taken you for granted". This pain, was brutal...might of cried for 12 days.

As some time passed by, granted word started showing up a lot literally everywhere. Whether I was reading an email, Pinterest browsing, Insta , reading a billboard, the word just kept arising. Sat down and started researching, and seeing what other's have to say, realizing how I was neglecting a part of me, that I have taken life for granted sometime in the past.

I have'd individuals tell me about them-selves "if I don't benefit from you in some way, then I don't want to be friends". Came across others who never showed their gratefulness, super self-centered and hard-headed people.

It came time when I had to smack myself in the face and say no more do I cast judgment on others; I walk only in my own shoes from now on, nobody else's. This one was hard to cut the knot, but it is the most liberating feeling when saying"no" to such thought coming into mind. Understanding I have carried this with me from generational and cultural experiences, today is what matters. Gently reminded to remove myself from that space(step backwards) and send love and light. This current time of our reality is defiantly challenging; emotionally, for many many people. I see it, feel it, get knocked down energetically, but I always know when staying grateful and truth-full, harmony and beauty gets created.

Much love my dear readers, so please do me a favor and remember to stay present, grateful for what you have, and continue to build peace within. We are needed. United.

Night night, this is my Sun Day Journal and it's 2:40am 03/13/22, Arizona.


Journal 010

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