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Intention and elevated emotions to manifest

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Dr. Joe Dispenza - when we envision angelic self with patience and stretch like an innocent being, or like an ogres with child self esteem and limits, which image is real? positive vs negative. It all reality, however we are part of vast invisible energy and our thoughts have powerful energy to create the life we want to experience.

Belief in self potentials is a big factor that plays a role of embracing new knowledge and experiencing blissful moments. We have to believe in our gut in our capabilities and focus on what we really want instead of focusing on problems, past realities, could of, should of. Negative self talk is what creates bridges, obstacles and downfalls into life and not letting us achieve the highest potential. I am not saying we should forget about the problem if it's happening in current lifetime, it's more of shifting our mind into creating solutions and overwriting the negative thoughts; more of re-programing the mind with positive thoughts and vision. More of transmuting whatever comes your way that isn't within your alignment.

I probably haven't written publicly what I really want to achieve in my life and what success looks like for me, so here it is.

First and foremost, my internal health is number one priority that I am currently striving to balance out. I have been on this journey since 2019 and still have a lot to understand, and apply into my health so I can fully feel alive. Alive meaning feeling energized, productive, motivated, chill, relaxed and all the butterflies. I do feel most of time alive, however there are days when I fall into victimized trap, and boom, have to work that emotional state of mind, reflect and let that sh*t go. It's every day work for me. If I don't show up for myself and stand in my beliefs, I go 10 steps backwards. I strongly believe that we are genetically created to have optimal health, which aligns with having mental, emotional, physical and spiritual success. Once the internal change happens the outside starts changing. Completely the reality shifts, and with clear intentions and elevated emotions, we are able to materialize whatever we want.

Second priority is financial abundance. From joggling different jobs (experiences), I gained knowledge, skills, and I am never afraid to try to do anything when opportunity comes in which I have interest to learn. Some jobs worked for me, which empowered me and some jobs didn't work, which thought me what doesn't alight with my vision. After wearing different hats, presently I am able to make clearer decisions where I want to focus my attention, as far as creating financial abundance, be financially independent, with income that is bringing me growth and joy.

I don't want to ever fall into a trap and just do a job without pure intentions. This is what the systems wants us to continue think like, and it's a very old story headline that everyone talks about currently. This kind of mindset, capitalism, the mental stress has caused so much distraction, chaos and death in the world. Happy to see the new transition within humanity, awakening and realizing that this kind of mindset never brought us any good.

Which leads me to third priority as far as achieving success; service to humanity and service to the Earth. How can I help you become a better self? How can I make an impact and make changes for better today? How can I help the Earth continue thrive in this new era? These are questions yet I have to download answers. It's a journey that I am on and gives me so much strength and will to continue on.

Much love, it's almost midnight on a Tuesday night.


Journal 016

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