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End of 2022 journal reflections

Reflect on your accomplishments and progresses from this year.

Take what continues to serve you, the rest... detach from it, seal it and give it baby love. This is the time for some real jolly and magnificent shifts.

We tend to always look at the things we could have fixed or done differently.

How about we look at the progresses made, the actions taken upon, the laughters and goosbumps received. As for me, whether some things worked and some didn't, at the end of the day, I take the learning lessons and stay in alignment of my purpose.

What kind of knowledge have I gained during my try outs this year? What do I want to take and continue experiencing in the future?

This year I am extremely grateful for all the experiences I got to feel. Especially the people who have touched my soul, been super supportive, understanding, it's irreplaceable. Knowing that most of us are with intention to better selves, really gives me strength and design of the future. Many people passing by and many standing by my side. Beautiful memories have been made, kissed some sweet lips and just sending love and light for the pain and those in need. Wishing much love, kindness, compassion, understanding, and to remember that we are all connected in many ways. These are invisible forces we all cary, deep within and beyond ourselves in the unseen magic.

Go ahead and write yourself a letter on your callings, if you need guidance reach out, it will be my honor.

Much love and Queen up.


Journal 023

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