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Emotional Intelligence

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Waking up Thursday, February 23rd, 2022 around 7am

Not sure what got into me, as soon as waking up, walked to my living room and reaching for my phone for Insta stories. Normally, I wake up, do my morning routine, before even looking at my phone.

The event happening in Ukraine.

Started balling my eyes, seeing those images and hearing the sound of air forces and sirens, brought me back 23 years ago; 1999 when Serbia was bombarded by NATO. At that time I was living in Bosilegrad, which is about 382km or 237 miles distance from Belgrade, capital city of Serbia.

This impacted the whole horizon on the Balkan. Energetically we were all feeling it...

The memory was still within me; I resonated and got emotionally triggered by the current news. Immediately cried, felt sadness, wanted to rage, scream...who has the right to do such a thing?

After crying for 30 minutes decided to step outside and reflect on current event while hiking. I was forcing myself to stay calm...worked for few hours, talk to strangers about it in a near by cafe, just to help myself understand what is happening. I was experiencing emotional connection with those that are experiencing similar event right now in Ukraine.

Very quickly, within 8 hours emotional intelligence started playing a role. I was able to understand, manage my emotions and use my positive thoughts in releasing the distress I was feeling. I was looking for all the "feel good" things. I talked to few friends about my memory and how my body actual remembers. Energetically I was depleted, so decided to take a road trip to Sedona the next day and visit Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park to meditate, to receive and send good energy all over the world. So many people were there to receive healing and meditate. Even the Airbnb, Sacred Sound Scapes, I stayed was very calming and felt like home. Reminding me to stay present, grounded and listen to my body. Grabbed a book that was on the shelf and read about The Power of Sound; how it's effecting us and how sound has memory.

I have learned that there's no coincidences in life. I want to end suffering on this planet and will continue to do so what I need to do in achieving it. #peacemaker

Learning to continuously breathe, connect with myself , detach from things that no longer serve me, really is building a strong foundation and trust with my senses. Confronting and overcoming challenges is really deep work within.

Our body carries memories, our thoughts carry energy, and our soul speaks to us. As this day ended, took an energetic shower and emptied out anything that wasn’t in alignment with me.

This doesn't mean I am ignoring what is happening currently in the world, just more of establishing clear boundaries so I don't get taken down energetically next time.

Much love my dear readers, and continue building self-awareness skills.


Journal 008

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