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Words we speak and think

There is word for this and that... to continue from Journal 011

How we speak to ourselves actually has a huge impact in our lives. Do you monitor your speaking? I do, very often.

I am sure you have come across of saying careless things to yourself, without even realizing. I have, and I am not here to sugar things for myself. I journal for the purpose to reflect on many aspects of my life. Since I started the journey to healing and discovering a better self, the negative self-talk slowly started disappearing. When it arrises, with kindness I say; you no longer have permission in my mind, simply no place in my body, mind, spirit and the universe. I take 3 deep breathes and release with love and light.

When someone has a negative talk directly to me about me, I try my best to stay calm and not take things personally (as for I am not that person they negatively project I am). That energy is theirs. I totally get it, self-love issues. I respond with grounded voice and say; I revoke speaking to me in such way, please and thank you for understanding my boundaries.

Remember, you are in control for only self, not others. You are in control to hold your vibration, to uplift the situation or remove yourself from such tearing down.

I get some random messages in DM, totally anonymous person trying to put me down and say whatever they need to say to make themselves feel better. I just smile and wish them you can love yourself little more.

As for much love, I dare you the next 30 days before bed to speak to yourself with kindness, love and appreciation. To let the soul guide you with music in your head, and let the soul answer some truth and glory. To put yourself in alignment and abundance with speaking and the understand the purpose behind it.

Much love,


Journal 012

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