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Who is Gasija and what the name itself represents?

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Passion. Fire. Desire. Devotion. Truth. Light. Let yourself be seen.Intention. Service.

Early Spring of 2020.

As I was working at the beginning of creating the name for my website with a good friend of mine, Gasija was one of the names that stuck with me. Ga is a short version of my childhood nick name Gaga and Sija means to shine in Serbian. Also, Sija are the last 4 letters of my daughters name. So it was all connecting into this soul-full word.

The initial purpose behind the name is to always remember to give myself time to rest and rejuvenate. We have been incarnated on this Earth to create beautiful experiences; to live as much as to feel. To always choose love and light over darkness. To let ourselves be seen and own our uniqueness without apology. To speak the truth, to take care of one another, and be in abundance of health on physical,mental, and emotional level.

It's midnight here in Arizona December 27th, 2021. Couldn't fall a sleep and thoughts came to write this.

Much love my dear readers,


Journal 005

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