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The world does not revolve around you, you revolve around the world

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Perhaps this sounds familiar.

As my dear readers, by now you know I love journaling and writing about my life experiences.

As a freelance writer, I gain this broad perspective on living, write about what I want to write, limitlessly, consistent flow, and just fun times with what the Universe has to offer.

I have a friend, that constantly tells me,

"you are a manifesto". I do bring into existence anything I strongly believe into. One day, it just shows up... and of course it puts a smile and tears on my face. Many of my achievements had times of tears, sweats, ups and downs, laughter, silliness, stillness and I learned to just enjoy the process, simply be in those moments.

There was some point in my life, when I needed to fed my ego oh, I don't care, the world revolves around me . Well, but when I hit rock bottom, not everything was about me. The Universe defiantly had a funny way of showing me reality check.

With having a 4 year young daughter, I see the world through different lenses.

Learning to understand her world, which creates these beautiful experiences as she is developing. I get to be smacked in the face by accident, bitten, stepped on, screamed at some times, and many times is all laughter, dress ups, hugs and kisses. At the end of the night we hug one another and say it's okay and I am sorry if I have done something to upset you today. The mutual understanding we get from one another, it's priceless. My parents always tell me to cherish these special moments, once in a life experiences. In which, my thought process reinforced me to see, all moments can be cherished and never taken for granted.

Remember, we are all equally important and never should you feel that someone has superior power over you.

Much love my dear readers and cherish this day until you can!


Journal 013

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