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Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Weight of the world.

We often cary with us "things" that don't even belong to us. We often forget to set boundaries and remind ourselves that we don't have to carry the weight of the world.

Meaning , we actually serve no good to anyone when running down on empty and bogged down.

This took some time to comprehend, what letting go actully means, and to accept "it's okay to not carry it all". We forget to put on the oxygen mask on ourselves first and let alone we what to help others. When time is challenging, it's so easy to feel overwhelmed, energetically depleted and distracted. I have couple very important people in my life tell me "thank yourself for carrying so much, It's incredible to want to build a better world". This planet Earth has plenty of space for everyone, and infinite possibilities in what can be transformed; whatever we want...zoom out, draw that vision in your head or on paper.

We all have access to love than our hearts can bear. - the Startseed Oracles

If one thing I have learned during my healing journey, the more I started waking up in a positive emotional state, the more I was getting intuitive. My eyes got wider and started creating living the best possibilities in life. I start each day with gratitude, thanking for being conscious, gracing the present and devoting myself fully into guiding from a place deep within.

Of course, I have days when I want outside guidance and answers from others, I have disagreements, get messy and get emotionally challenged. Reaching for that help outside of me, potentially makes me feel better, because I have no fear of my expressions. Having that common ground and just continuously focusing on that dream eventually becomes attainable.

Much love, continue to plant those seeds and don't forget you don't have to carry it all.


Journal 009

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