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Often found myself too proud to ask for what I needed openly

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

When the mind starts overthinking, start writing. And here I am doing so.

I read this title somewhere in an article and it made me think. Asking for help? On guidance how to become a better self?

When I started my healing journey, I knew that vulnerability is something I had to face stripped naked. I was calling out in my head, there is happiness, it's within and it's time to find it again. I have felt it before! Called out souls to cross my path, called out Nature to give me guidance, called out the Water, the Sun and the Moon, the Stars, to push me through; give me all the signs in the world that I am leaping on the right path. I called in my higher self, to surrender, to feel it all.

It's okay to accept the past parts of ourselves, because today is a completely new chance to create a new self, to simply take leap of faith, little steps of courage and ask the Dear Universe for support.

I strongly believe in this, because when I opened my heart and mind to possibilities, and had that initial awareness to ask for help, it started popping everywhere. It's like the Universe had this algorithm created for me and it went as I wished. Now of course, the journey is a rocky road, but damn right so liberating. During this transformation a lot was happening. The right people showed up in my life along the day; strangers that became my supportive friends. Many moments of shedding discomforting feelings, pain, guilt, shame, confusion, fear of not good enough, not pretty enough, love myself, hate myself ... i can go on. But, letting it go with baby love, as my mentor likes to say, is really something that stuck with me. Every hardship we experience in life is for a reason, and it needs to be nurtured/observed in order to heal/transforme. I don't think life should be hard, as we been programmed for generations and educated with corrupt system to believe in such. Life should be in a flow of abundance, and it is.

Along this journey, wrote many journals, pages and pages, lyrics, and along some poetry, booklet called Creating a New Self; transforming self healing poetry. It's officially published! and I am waiting for my first paperback copy; to hold it in my hands and read it out loud, to myself and then to the world. This poetry revels much deeper understanding of who I was and who I am today, and what I truly believe in. And it's okay to say I deserve this personal acknowledgment of achieving inner-standing. There is going to be continuously learning experiences , good and bad, and that's okay, because whatever comes in my way I am stronger, wiser and happier.

Much love my dear readers, it's past midnight here on this day, and we shall continue writing, laughing and loving; okay, sometimes crying too. So remember to always ask for what you need, because if you don't the Universe will simply just Be. Lastly, hint: never think it's too much to ask for! Ciao.

Yours truly,


Journal 019

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