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Is it safe to be myself?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

I believe so. Unafraid of self, makes others be unafraid of themself.

The best gift you can give someone is the comfort of being themselves in a way that needs no justification. Choosing to be free from all judgment and allowing the space for understanding the self, creates a space to be vulnerable around others. When you are vulnerable, you are opening a whole side of you that flourishes into blossom of beauty, wisdom and play. What I mean by play, most of us hit adulthood, we tame ourselves and forget how to see the simple moments of joy, not for the sake of some kind of external achievement. We follow this daily calendar to-do tasks to meet the social standards of what is expected from us, being moulded into something so called productive and we still somewhat feel empty and unsatisfied. Which raises a question; Am I even myself around others?

Growing up in a very nature like playful environment, where play was always persistent. Becaming independent at young age, has gotten me through some challenges as a teenager and also my adulthood. I was never afraid to speak up when my boundaries were crossed or stepping into my power when being bullied.

However, this sense of self kinda completely got demolished in my 20is. Was it the cultural shock when I moved to America? Was it that I always felt like an outsider and English as my second language? and when I go to Serbia, they call me an American? Constantly in a sense of protection and following the rule of "do what must be done", not what it feels right. After chasing this illusion, I got powerless; completely feeling lonely and meaningless in this world. I was afraid to be myself around others.

As hitting my 30is, the inner child needed nurturing and I got the internal calling, " I got some work to do on self". Started waking up on daily basis with basic morning mantra, adding positive journal dreams, goals and looking at simpler outlook on life. I was excited during the self work-in-progress, to bounce back from the past stigma, to break free and step into remembering how it felt to be the unafraid wild soul. This ultimately lead me to feel absolutely safe to be myself and around others I no longer had to pretend someone I am not. You either like me or the door is wide open to leave my space. Complete free of judgment for myself and surrendering to self-acceptance, trust and appreciation. When reached this stage of transformation, I no longer saw anyone as a treat or competition.

Much love my dear readers, I am honored to be sharing my journaling and experiencing peace within my heart.



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