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Growth comes with experiances comes from the unknown, from having the curiosity what is on the other side of the spectrum, to simply clear the ears to deeper understand of self and the universe.

As everything is vibrating at it's own speed(frequency) on the this plat-form we stand on called Earth, we are continuously moving and growing.

I write from my experiences. I take observational mental notes from others behaviors, actions, teachings. As humans are our greatest teachers, personal growth seems to be the topic many of us are currently taking action on. Taking the things that we want to see different and move during the process with honesty, acceptance and courage into changing the mind of the thoughts that no longer serve our purpose.

Self-talk. Do you wake up with gratitude? Are you wildly excited and say how fortunate you are to experience more of today? As the mind plays an essential role of our daily life, are you being kind first to yourself then others? I believe the inner quality of the mind, through cooperation and clear intentions, sets us for success in making better decisions daily. The survival mode slowly disappears and just feeling this leap of freedom of becoming a better self. Understanding how our place in the universe is important, the relationship we have with ourselve and others, how we are interconnected and have an affect in reality, freedom serve us. Freedom in a sense where the mind no longer is in control of you. You play the orchestra of codes connected between the heart and the mind, and be the Bird you were created to be.

Imagine if all humanity on this planet has the instinct like most animals do?

This, I still have yet to understand and learn myself; it's a mystery I know a fraction of. As like the current evolution of consciousness we are all experiencing, the moving road to expand our mind to freedom of possibilities and remove from the illusion of separation, opens the doors of getting closed to our instinct capabilities. We hold this personal power, just it's covered with dust from decayed teachings from generations and generations.

Much love, my dear readers. I have been here, just passing thru a breeze of discomforting feelings which I am fully dancing and letting go.


Journal 020

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