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Growing your tribe

Updated: May 19, 2022

Brand yourself in your uniqueness.

There are many ways to grow your network, and to attract readers that are interested in your blog. Sharing your voice with the world on social media platforms has become super dynamic. People spend hours of scrolling, researching and seeking inspirations on the web.

I started my writing exposure on Instagram, with 250 followers in 2020. Within 6-9 months my audience grew to 900 followers. I'm not a fan of paying marketing companies to promote my page so sticking to my most authentic way of sharing; running my own page, posting when I want to post. The truth is, this is a slower version of marketing yourself. You might get 3-6 followers if you post once or twice a week. The more you post, the more audience you will attract on your page. There is a whole algorithm Instagram plays and it's just a way of following those rules. You just have to see what your goal is as far as growing your network on social media.

Quality content plays a huge importance of getting more attention on your blog. The more authentic you stay with your posts the more value you add to others. Just being yourself when sharing any kind of information with the world will bring creative audience as well.

Do you get all those emails daily? How many of them do you actually keep in your mailbox?

Using email signature marketing smartly really a way to go. Having a subscription option on your blog will help you with this type of exposure. If readers find your content helpful and appealing, they will defiantly subscribe to you blog and most likely read your emails as they come. Personally, I enjoy reading emails from certain bloggers and individuals that are sharing their ideas and life stories. This way I am less distracted from social media and there is a lot more valued information in a email.

There are many ways of marketing your content and ideas on the internet. Just keep doing the research and implement what fits into your lifestyle.

So go ahead a subscribe to my weekly journal publishings!

Much love,


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Photo credit goes to Briana.

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