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Do you think you deserve to be loved?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Ask someone or self this question.

Whether it will give a little surprised face, deep thinking for a moment or immediate answer yes/no, pay attention to the body language. If the mind is thinking too much perhaps there's inner beauty that needs to be unveiled because of it's disconnect with the heart.

Of course I deserve to be loved, because I am love. Once upon a time, the heart was a closed chamber. Feeling numb, feeling unworthy, defensive. I am sure you know what I am talking about.

Earlier this summer, I was at a workshop called Sing the Body Electrics with The Brothers Koren and BioField Tuning founder Eileen McKusick, where they explained 4 chambers of the heart. If the 4 chambers are not fully in balance the heart is blocked from giving and receiving love. It affects the blood flow in the body, not in its harmonic symphony.

Proper breathing and expressing the voice play an important part as walking the bridge as coming home to the body. Meaning feeling the mind and heart connection. Our body has an electrical system, sends vibrations, frequencies, feels everything we experience in life. Our organs store memories and emotional traumas we bury deep within. With having this awareness, opening the places that are shut down and allowing it to come to surface, it's a safe place to be. Welcoming the challenges as an opportunity to grow, taking it further into exploration, without attachment to the resolute, it's a safe place to be.

I truly believe humans are designed to be in harmony. I might of wrote this already in my prior journaling and it's okay to keep re-writing about it. I have believed since of my physical existence, just too frightened to continue the journey after my teenage years. Being socially structured to believe in opposite, got me in the rabbit hole. When I started the journey to remember again, to heal parts of myself, I knew that through music, voicing, writing, painting and dancing I was going to re-connect and allow love to present itself again. This is where I hold space for vulnarbility and take time to think less and experience more. Naturize the emotional bond and release with bringing it to loving awareness. Forgiving myself, practicing patience disarmed my heart and allowed the tenderness to feel in my breast.

The good heart, the little Dragana, is in me, I was telling myself.

So take your time if you are on the journey of discovering the love you hold within. Drink that energy every day that you are love and resonate with the expression of love. Give yourself permission to feel the trapped dense energy that's holding you back from a full release and to lose that control. To let the personality step a side, and ask where and how I hurt? What would love do Here and Now?

Yes, I deserve to be loved, because I am love.

Much love my dear readers, stay wild but silky.


Journal 020

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