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There is place and time for everything

When is time to play, go out and play. When is time to be focused, focus; when is time to action out, be deliberate.

This June, took my daughter to try out Jiu Jitsu, right after she turned 5. She keeps wanting to go and making beautiful memories with it. Got her first stripe after practicing 10 lessons, plus for being focused and listening during class session. What an honor to see the head coach keeping in line about 33 kids on average or more in one class, about 4-5 assistant coaches along the journey. The endurance these professionals have is remarkable and yet very inspiring to watch. Perhaps, since I am parent while experiencing, observing how my daughter is growing, the developing stage of a child between 4 years to 8 years of age seems to be very crucial. Between these age groups is where most of the cleverness personality develops for them. And most likely very challenging for an adult to comprehend some of the behaviors the children can manifest. Why does one kid listens more and one doesn't want to sit still? At what age does bulling starts? What caused this type of behavior to manifest at such a young stage of brain/heart development? Where is the disconnect?

I have so many questions, a yet some answers.

Yet, we are each individually unique, have a heart of deep discovery and want to be accepted by one another. The separation within the societies must dis-solve. The "shark" behaviors, I am here for my only interest is dis-solving; no money is worth losing your character! Get rich quick is bs, comparison between one another is dis-solving, because there is no-one out there like you, and there is no-one out there like me; the awakening moments on humanity.

I am a huge believer, if 99% of humanity operates under integrity, all problems created in the head would dis-solve. When feeling the hearth and mind disconnected, get back at it and connect within. Look for the ways to re-connect, to feel in the bones the intuition that you hold, see and hear the guides that you carry througt this life journey. Without any doubt; be pure as a white portrait. You create the chamber in your heart, daily; with meditation, with movement, with laughter, with crying, with stillness, with adopting to the changes as they are coming. Accepting who we are at this present moment and shifting where we want to see changes, in ways that are way more fun than we think we know.

Last night 8/8, I sat on the balcony with a close friend of mine and chatted just about the simplicity of life. I said, I have been feeling uninspired, and I can't write under pressure. However, here my heart at midnight is writing...couldn't sleep because the brain is talking.

Happy to be journaling again, even during construction of my website, during construction of my life will keep moving forward with great strides.

Much love my dear readers, emotional support is here, all you have to do is ask, as you are not alone and striving to be better. Peace within with great accomplishments.



Journal 026

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