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Honoring your own story

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Claiming personal experience as we live them each day.

In the last few days, I spent some time in nature, by the water. I drove up to Sedona to met my mentor and perform a celebration of 7 year mark for all the inner-work I have done. Honoring the story by being a creationist of my new self identity. One thing my mentor said, "you must honor your story and claim how important you are". I paused for a moment, and really felt those words into my BEing. We are all important, each person that walks on this Earth is important. Why? Because we collectively provide a powerful harmonizing influence in the whole atmosphere to balance imbalances in nature, people and beyond our understanding of this World. That inner work we do to better self is invisible, yet so powerful enough to impact everything tremendously.

Nature is pruning in autumn, and the season of beauty of letting go effortlessly, as the leaves on the trees fall. Harvest some apples and pears, be in stillness with hot cacao, and romanticize yourself by a bonfire with a glass of red wine. Take a journal this season, it's your friend and counselor, a safe place to just Be. Tell it all, the stories lived and yet to be lived. Discover the things on a deeper level of what your belief thoughts are about self. Uncover things that are moving you forward and be creative with images also, by adding a sticker or two on pages. Re-write your story, from looking at the lens in the future. As my poetry says in Creating a New Self, you are the creator of your reality.

Much love my dear readers, the new site is up and running smoothly, with many things to be added in the collection section. Love poetry is in the works also, and honoring my story every day!

Blissings and yours truly,


Journal 028

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