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The Empowered Heart Circle community in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Interview with Agnes Chau, founder of The Empowered Heart Circles

Dear Miss Agnes Chau,

It has been my pleasure knowing you ever since we met in Spring of 2021 during your first The Empowered Heart Circle event in Scottsdale, Arizona. Gathered beautiful community of individuals looking to transform their lives and seek empowered guidance from you, gave me courage and inspiration to get to know you better.

How did this come about in your life? I’m a lifelong learner and I wanted to share the knowledge I gained from the various modalities that I learned to help guide people to physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, with practical tools and techniques to tap into heart, mind, and body intelligence. I also experienced the transformation of self-defense training in my own life and wanted to share this empowering training with others. I started The Empowered Heart, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in January 2020 and continued with my corporate job. I was able to make more progress when I left my corporate job in February 2021 and felt that I was aligned with my Divine path in offering both Empowered Heart Circles and self-defense training to groups. I also started my Transformational Life Coaching business in November 2021 to support individuals.

What techniques do you use to help individuals with their challenges?

There are several techniques that I use to help people tap into heart, mind, and body intelligence to face their challenges. Some techniques that I have found to be most effective and efficient, include PSYCH-K® balances, Teal Heart Breath™, and Tong Ren tapping, that I use in my transformational coaching business.

In the Empowered Heart Circle group settings, I guide people to breathe through the heart to tap into heart wisdom. I also guide people to let go fear-based emotions and embrace love-based emotions through Dear Universe meditations along with breathing techniques, and chi kung exercises. We also engage in chakra art to unleash the Creator within.

You are also a certified Gracie Jiu Jitsu Women Empowered instructor. Tell me little more about this and how can someone benefit from such training with you?

I started my Gracie Jiu Jitsu journey 3 years ago, with the Women Empowered program. The Gracie family partnered with law enforcement to study the most common attacks used against women and developed 20 self-defense techniques to counter the most common attacks. Studies show that 1 in 3 women may be attacked in their lifetime with up to 80% of attackers known to the target. It is important to know both stranger and non-stranger attack strategies to be able to defend against them. When I first walked into a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Certified Training Center, I was in a vulnerable state, going through a divorce and living with a lot of fear. Within a year, I tested for my pink belt, that demonstrates mastery of the 20 techniques. My self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love all skyrocketed and I no longer live in fear. I was so moved by the transformation in me, that I decided to become an instructor and share this knowledge with other women and girls. The greatest lessons I learned include setting healthy boundaries, both mentally, verbally, and physically. I encourage women and girls of all ages, body types, all fitness levels, even none, to sign up for a 10-day free trial at a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Certified Training Center to experience this amazing program.

What is one suggestion you have for those that are seeking guidance during current evolution on Earth?

Breathe into your heart to tap into the Divine Intelligence that resides within you. Develop this beautiful relationship with your Divine Heart to obtain the guidance that is meant for you.

Agnes, thank you for your time and response. Please continue to make harmonious memories on this planet.

Dear readers, if you are looking to transform your life in any way, and reading this, it has found you. Next The Empoewered Heart Circle in-person session will be held on Sunday July 17th, 2022 from 2pm-4;30pm.

For any further information and guidance contact Agnes directly with info below.

Agnes Chau

Private Consultant & Transformational Life Coach

Twitter: @AgnesChauLLC

Social Media & Contact Info:

Much love my dear readers and no one should feel alone in the struggles with any kind of mental, emotional and physical discomfort.


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